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Seasons of Change 


Terra Mariae 

University of Maryland School of Pharmacy 



Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2013 

Terra Mariae 

University of Maryland 

school of pharmacy 

20 North Pine Street. Baltimore. MD 21201 


Seasons of Change 

with Dean Natalie Eddington, PhD '89, BSI 

As one of the first pharmacy schools in the 
United States, the University of Maryland at 
Baltimore is deeply rooted in history and 
tradition. The start of the academic school 
year brought about an exciting time of 
change for the School of Pharmacy. With the 
establishment of the Shady Grove campus, 
the incoming class of 201 1 was the largest in 
the history of the school. To accommodate 
the expanded class size, the incorporation of 
new technology had allowed students to 
view lectures from remote sites, bridging the 
entire learning experience between 
Baltimore and Shady Grove campuses. 
Finally, curriculum changes had put the 
school in a state of transition in hopes of 
developing professionals trained for the 
ever-changing field of pharmacy. Along 
with changes brought with the new school 
year, the School of Pharmacy welcomed its 
newest dean, Dr. Natalie D. Eddington. As a 
distinguished researcher and former faculty 
member, Dean Eddington assumed her post 
as a leader to guide the evolution of the 
University of Maryland School of Pharmacy 
in hopes of developing pharmacists and 
leaders for the future. 

Our fearless leader... 






Shady Grove 

The Launch of Distance Learning 

\athv Matthews. Brendon 
McQuighan, T.J Remsberg, Matt 
Siuta. and Mike Akers alter the 
White Coat Ceremony. 


tT 5 ! 


Fall 2007 marked the opening of the new University 
of Maryland School of Pharmacy campus at the 
Universities at Shady Grove in Rockville, Maryland. 

The Shady Grove campus is conveniently located 
near the Washington. D.C. metro area and federal 
facilities, such as the National Institute of Health, 
the Food and Drug Administration, the National 
Institute of Standards and Technology, and the U.S. 
Public Health Service. The new campus allows for 
an additional 40 students to be enrolled at the 
School of Pharmacy increasing the graduating class 
from 120 students to 160 students. The year 201 I 
will mark the largest graduating class in the history 
of the UMB Pharmacy School to date. The decision 
to increase the number of pharmacy students was 
made in response to the shortage of pharmacists in 
Maryland. Former dean, David A. Knapp. PhD. 
describes the recent expansion as a sign of 
advancement. He states, "As a top 10 school, we are 
committed to excellence in pharmacy education and 
with that commitment comes continued growth and 
improvement." Assistant Dean Heather Congdon. 
PharmD, CACP. CDE, is responsible for overseeing 
the pharmacy program at the Shady Grove campuv 
Former dean, David A. Knapp, is also stationed at 
the Shady Grove campus on sabbatical pursuing 
research interests in the pharmacy workforce, 
pharmaceutical education, and the quality of drug 
use and pharmaceutical care. The new campus 
provides the same high-quality pharmacy education 
given at the main Baltimore campus using state-of- 
the-art technology. Most lectures are delivered to 
Shady Grove students asynchronously via streamed 
video lectures. The asynchronous delivery of 

-course material allows 
' lor more com enience 
universe of Formui£ and flexibility in 

n.ii'u«.i,..i'i.nM,mun i.».--i <■■■ 

Jlirove Students Julie Naito. Matt Siuta. Brendon McQuighan, and 


Asynchronous lectures .i\ ailable 
online for viewing \ia Mediasite. 

Table of Contents 


Class of 2011 

... 6 

Class of 20 10 

... 16 

Class of 2009 


Class of 2008 


Faculty and Staff 



Student Government Association 

A Bridge to Academic Excellence 

Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy 

American Pharmacists Association 

American Society of Consultant Pharmacists 

American Society of Health-System Pharmacists 

Alpha Zeta Omega Professional Fraternity 

Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International 

DC Student Pharmacists Association 

Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity 

Lambda Kappa Sigma Professional Fraternity 

National Community Pharmacists Association 

Phi Delta Chi Professional Fraternity 

Phi Lambda Sigma Leadership Society 

Rho Chi Honor Society 

Student Committee on Drug Awareness Education 

Student Section of Maryland Public Health Association 

Student National Pharmaceutical Association 

Students Promoting Awareness 

Pharmacy Graduate Student Association 

Terra Mariae 





























(Rho Chi) 













Table of Contents 

Special Events 

White Coat Ceremonj 
for the Class of 2011 

Fall Formal Dance 

Fal! Picnic 

Legislative Da\ 

Spring Picnic 


for the Class o\ 2008 




Fun Pages 





<Slm of 2D11M* 

IV.inn.i Iran. C'h.ii W ang. Julie 

n. Allen 1 tan. Alicia I ang, 

Chi.i l tag Chang, Sheila Song, 

Caroline Song, Jovanj Andrade, 

Iiiki Son. Kevin Brady, Jeanne 

I mi. and Prajakta Korde attend a 

showing of Avenue Q al the 

Hippodrome Theater. 


J qui iter Monin and Da\ id 

a respite while 
decorating PH K) 

William Charles 

Ines Chen 

Iliana Cheng 


Bo ^ i^niiv 


H\e Yoon Chung 

Justin Constantino 

Megan Cooke 

Caitlin Corker 

Julia Cox 


.iret Dahek 

,\«*nda Dace\ 

^Aphin Damen 

( nnsiina Dang 

Ishava Daniel 

Emil) Dottei 

Paul Dowel] 

l.rm Doxtater 

Dennis Eaton 

Brittan) Parrugia 

4r *"H 

k.iilikv^^l^^k'.in Mien ["ran, 
Ros.i Ui3^|k 1 ..iiiicn Kobusi. .11 nl 
(hnslm.i Ai;j lik^imL- from pre 
c\;ini sUul\m;j.»^jflpd(.Yo[.ik- lor 
ilk' Diabolic H.itkI^R-ii e\ent. 


I aking .1 relaxing break before 
im.ils. Dennis Eaton, Matthew 

Perry, Nicole Glos, Andrea Shaw. 
Andrew ^ ork, and Allen Iran went 

ice skating at Northwest Ice Rink. 

Tie thosejhpffi tight! Randy Stout 

and Reisel1JJrfi£ r help each other 

pulon theirice skates. 

MinHee Kang 
Gregory Kim 
Meli|sa Kim 



Prajakta Korde 

Shiu Kwan 

Kofi Kyeremateng 

Alieia Lang 

Catherine Lee 

Julia Lee 

i\un Liao 


ario Luong 

Amanda Lysczek 


David Macharia 
Kristina Madula 

Sali Mahmoud 
Christopher Maltese 

Jusim Matheu 


Jr **i 


Boo! Ii ^Ld^mecn time for Justin 

( niisigjj^^f Ii.ii W.uij. Minimis 
Remsheti^mklrAu^urJ'.. Aim 
Allen. DiAnA\U*jJm\]\c Nairn. 
Chia-Fang (han^mana Cheng, 
Lindsa) Mccan, Jovanj Andrade, 
Melissa Kim. Deanna Fran, and 
Ashley Mccabe as the) go >>n a 
Haunted Hike. 

e Haunted Hike was lull oi thrills 
scares tor Diana Cheng, Jusim 

tantino, and Thomas 


David Macharia, \reo Nazari, and 

Nikisadal Mehdizadegan decided 

ii s time lot Mime Italian, as they 

head over to Little Italy's Vellagio's 

for a nighl out on the town. 

\\ ho could resist 40 cent wings? 
Sarah Murphy, Tuan Huynh, and 

Allen 1 ran arc no exception as they 
pickiMtlm;ir favorite wings at 
*r "% Camden Pub. 
>'» . X 

Rebecca Newell 

Huong Nguyen 





Susan Pajak 

Grace Pak 

Juliana Pak 

Sue Pak 

Kelly Parsons 

Peg ah Parvizian 

™Archita Patel 
Ryan Perrott 

Matthew IVn\ 

Joan Phillips 

liana Poynccr 

Cristofer Price 

Bernadetta Puszkiewicz 


^r **t 

I .in.i Mt^fci^^. lennifei Monin, 

AiuliviijBBrC.iiiliii < oikcr. Ines 
(hen. ;iiR^kiil\ySJjaH.i.iii 
snow Hake acecajg^^lasMoom 

theme Hon tlu^l^wh Stole 
( 'hristmas. 

Andrea Shaw 

a^sr Shukla 

atthevt Siuta 
Camille Smith 

Thomas Smool 
Kyle Snyder 

AJdishiv^ot Solomon 
Tina Son 


una Iran hangs lights 

ting the trail of prescription 

rapped h> the Grinch in the 

2011s //.'» the Grinch 


vnts Bnttain Famigia and 
Kathleen Morneau form sno\\\ hi 
adorning thtedKof the classroom. 

Sheila Song 

Randy Stout 

Jearme Sun 



Michelle Then 

Kenneth Thomas 

Yingkai Tong 

Allen Tran 

Deanna Tran 

Khanh Chan Tran 

i Varghese 

ih Vines 

James Wang 

Yi-Jen Wang 


■ ■ iMm 
'■ eslej 

c&lm of 2010 

I all 2006 SGA Boat Cruise 
Back: Thomas Brew, Andy Trinh, 
I )a\ id Eng. Andrew Kim. Mars in 

Middle: Julie Leung, Kim Wu. 

Priya Shah 

Front: Shee! Shah. Cindy Kim. 

Vara Haddad. Jeanne Lim. Lorena 



Right: Put your hood on for a cold 


Brian Ellsworth. Shekhar Mehta, 

Rita Kasliwal, Jeanne Lim, Yara 

Haddad. Susan Montenegro 

Below: Sweet and cute 

Sharlyn Tabernero, Agnes Cheung 

and Sharlyn's baby, Niko 

V - --^8$ 

W' ■ 

Yara Haddad 

Aleena Hassan 

Jennifer Heller 

Jessica Holstein 

Ameet Joshi 

Jason Kinyon 

Nicholas Laughton 

Shirley Lee 

Annie Line K Njiomouo 

Tze-Yu Lo 

Rita Kasliwal 

Boghoko Kaspa 

Arash Khani 

Andrew Kim 

Myoung Kim 

Kelly Martin 

Shekhar Mehta 

Dominick Menioli 

Andy Michaelson 

bi Ngwa Nforbi 

I oil: The High Rollers! 
Rebecca Castner, Kevin Mallo> 
Matthew Lunsik (2009), Jackie 
Fritsch, Dominick Memoli, b'uis 
Jones (2009), \m> Houtchens 

Below : Ace Dealers 

Denise Hi. Xuan Tanu. Shirlej Lee, 

Erica Swanson 

Adeola Oke 
Sophia Park 
Ann Parker 
Betcy Philip 
Daniel Podolskiv 

Sunn) Kim Pyon 
Viviana Ramire/ 
Rani in Samadani 
Callie Same 
Leah Sera 

Sniua Singirikonda 
Linda Sun 
Erica Swanson 
Shark n Tabernero 
Xuan Tarn: 

Xiao Tu 
Richard V 

VI. im Wa 







Righl Class Officers 
R.i, k Murk > I ee iPresideni). 
bnenne Burton t\ ice President), 
Brian Ellsworth tl SQA Senator), 
I)r Sturpe 1 1 acult) Advisor) 
Vlarvin Choi il SGA Senator) 
Front: Erica Swaoson I [Yeasurer) 
\ Tang (Secretarj i 
I nula Sun (Historian) 

Below : Formal night 
Binny Paid. Laura Goodhue 

i w i^ 



Tevvodros Asfaw 
Whitney Baker 
Erin Bodenheimer 
Colleen Bray 
Thomas Brewer 
David Burgas 
Erienne Burton 
Rebecca Castner 
Heidi Chang 
Agnes Cheung 
Michelle Cohen 
Joseph Dratter 
William Dunn 
Katherine Edrington 
David Eng 
Benjamin Estes 
Maryam Farshid 
Laura Goodhue 


Jonathan Hamer 
Nicole Hammerbacher 
Sylvia Hanna 
Jennifer Hewlett 
Amy Houtchens 
Helen Huang 
Cindy Kim 
Emily Knapp 
Jennifer Kozycki 
Julie Leung 
Jeanne Lim 
Nicholas Loukas 
Richard Lyght 
Janet Mahoney 
Kevin Malloy 
Marissa McNall 
Mohamed Mohamoud 
Susan Montenesro 

Abdu Muktar 
Amy Nathanson 
Jennifer Officewala 
Binny Patel 
Neera Patel 
Megan Pulleyn 
Michael Ream 
Sharonjit Sagoo 
Dipti Savalia 
Priya Shah 
Sheel Shah 
Kimberly Still 
Maria Regina Tolosa 
Andy Trinh 
Anthony Uwadia 
Matthew Way 
Kimberly Wu 
Mavis Yeboah 




> w 4 

X * fl 

Left: Camden night w ith the guys 
Neil Angeles, Sameh Barak.n. 
Kevin Mallo\. Andy Michaelsor*, 
Mohamed Mohamoud 

Below: Spring BBQ is here' 

Leah Sera. Jason Kinyoa 

• Holida\ Decorations (We 
vmui tiisi place! * 

\ I .in; "i ir;i Haddad, Shirlc> 
I ee, Tze-^ u I o, I nca Swanson, 
Betcj Philip 

Below S( I \ I omul 

Erin Bodcnheimer, Jennifer 

Officewala, Kevin Malloy. Timoth) 


4 4 

Megha Panchol 
Class President 

Jessica DiBona-Faridi 

Selma Du 
Vice President 

Mark Heisey 


abb a 

Lisa Wohl 






Leah Rossmann 
USGA Senator 


Dr. Andy Coop 
Class Advisor 








,_ii m | 



^ O /*! 

j (r* ~ n 

1 ink 

>^L^k. ' ' 

' I 

nflr J 

MK Ly< O^t^^l 

s If 1 

v*/ Wl 

^v ^H ^^^B^^^R^H^B^^^H 

Ra\mond Bleu-Lainc 
Lisa Bonk 
Kevin Brad] 
Manu Chalasani 
Jessica DiBona 

Damon Douglas 
Selma Du 
Aaron Edman 
Erin El wood 
Meera Emhran 

Kimbcrl) Fetich 
Michael Fill/ 
Jennifer Fitch 
Sophia Goyal 
Mark Heise> 

Jannet HNeih 

In Kim 

Ganesh Kumarachandran 

Claire Leocha 

Meni: Li 

Matt Lunsik 

Simisola Ncal 

Rosevelyn Nsiah-Ababio 

Sarah Olszewski 

Sunday Oyewo 

Megha Pancholi 

Kinjal Pate 

Seema Pate 

Gretchen Petrie 

Lakshmi Potti 

Mahesh Ramanadham 

Sarah Robin 
Leah Rossmann 

I iffanj Russell 

I mi Senkbeil Shirazie 

Debbie Tionquiao 

Men in I sige 


Abraham Varghese 
Than Vuong 
Lisa Wohl 
Frances Wong 


Jody Agena 

Lisa Derby 

Bo Yeon Kim 

Ioana Paiusi 

Eun Ahn 

Ciara DiFrancesco 

Daniel Kim 

Cheuk Pang 

Priscilla An 

Laura Dinisio 

Teddy Kim 

Paul Park 

Steven Andersen 

Kristan Divino 

Seferina Kim-Walsh 

Prashant Patel 

Melissa Andrews 

Sanlyn D'Souza 

Darian Kirby 

Joni Pederson 

Eun-Jin Bae 

Angela Dupree 

Jennifer Kline 

Zhanita Perez 

Nicole Barr 

Maria Dwayer 

Kelly Kline 

Richard Poirier 

Jack Bengio 

Toni Esharevba 

Monica Kwak 

Andrew Raska 

John Blake-Haskins 

Mark Epstein 

Kwadwo Kwakye 

Sibtain Raw ala 

Tatiana Bourque 

Michael Filtz 

Cora Latham 

Sunmeet Saw hnev 

Mary Bradbury 

Kathleen Fuller 

Eva Lee 

Rachael Shepherd 

Adam Bress 

Maciej Gajec 

Ingrid Lott 

Elaine Sit 

Chad Bumham 

Celeste Gibson 

Elise Ma\ 

Rodney Thompson 

Nicole Cammarata 

Jennifer Grant 

Kristin Micciche 

Bryan Tingle 

Arley Campbell 

Christina Green 

Lisa Mostovoy 

Yiying Tsai 

Daniel Carmichael 

Aaron Greenblatt 

Julie Myhren 

Huyen-Tram Vu 

Ka Man Chan 

Patrick Grove 

Andre New a Nforbi 

William Walter 

Allison Chilipko 

Jonathan Haag 

Nwamaka Nzeli 

Ian Watt 

Mary Chung 

Roman Kaplan 

Richie Odigie 

Yana Zinnatullina 

Michael Cuda 

Daniel Kenea 

Mary Osing 


"I count myself in nothing else so happy 

As in a soul remembering my good friends." 

- William Shakespeare 


1 / jfc 






111 J? ill if 

if \ ' 

I- -i 

I 11 14 ' Hi 1 

HJj- llf: aj i 


111.] Ili "Jl-i 4 

Nil" Hi' In 1 





Class Officers 

Carla Cuban ilia 


Mathilda Fienkeng 

..Vice President 

Sejal Patel 


Yndiana Tineo 


Fernando Andrickson 


Afua Addo-Abedi 

Adetoro Adevinka 

Anything is possible when you are 
focused and you pul your mind to it! 

Modupe Adeniranye 

Received Rho Chi Fraternity 
Academic Achievement 
Recognition: American Societ) of 
Health System Pharmacists 
Student Chapter (2005-Present ). 
Executive Chair of Clinical Skills 
Competition. ASHP Liason/ 
Committee Chair. Alpha Zeta 
Omega Pharmaceutical Fratenitx 
(2006-2007). Vice president 

Mohammad Al-Jawadi 

Martha Anderson 

Matthew Bathula 



Fernando Andrickson 

Class Historian 
I thank God. my family and 
friends for all their love, prayers 
and support though this stage of 
my life. Thanks to all who have 
and continue to make an 
impact in my life. Best wishes 
class of 2008 in your future 

Marcella Armetta 

"Welcome to the Good Life" 
T -You are my other half. We 
have had our ups and downs, but I 
never would have made it through 
without you! Matt - Thanks for 
always being on the other side of 
the phone! CB, Mom, Dad, 
Granddad, Pop, Grammy, Karen 
and Steve - Thanks to all of you 
for your support and love! 

Ohita Asein 


Melanie Belcher 

Eleni Billiris 

Andrew Bogard 

Jennifer Bailey 

April Boyd 



Sarah Brodv 


Carla Cabanilla 

Stephanie Campbell 

To accomplish great things we 
must not only act but also dream; 
not only plan but also believe. I 
want to thank my family, friends, 
and Josh for supporting me the 
past 4 years in all my dreams. If 
it wasnt for you guys I wouldnt be 
who I am today. 

Dana Cartwright 

Commit to the LORD whatever 
you do, and your plans will 
succeed. Proverbs 16:3 

Raimon Cary 

Matthew Casciano 

Christine Chang 

He is faithful. Praise God! 

Jagit Dhaliwal 

Fedelyne Dieu juste 

I would like to thank (i<ul for 
blessing me with the world's most 
wonderful and supportive parents, 
Willioand Mane Ange. The) have 
always been there for me and I trul> 
lo\e them for that. I'd like to extend 
in\ deepest thanks to the members of 
Maryland Pharmaceutical Society for 
their unrelentless support and 
constant words of praise. 

Kathryn Dincher 

To love, to laugh, to work or plaj 
Tasks left undone must stay that wa) 
And if m\ parting has left a void 
Then fill it with remembered jo) 
A friendship shared, a laugh, a k: 
Ah yes these thii shall n 

lain our friendship 

Stephanie Duck 

NCPA (President), Rho Chi 
"Always dream and shoot higher 
than you know you are capable of. 
Don't bother just to be better than 
your peers. Try to be better than 
yourself." Katie, Lauren, and 
Candice- Pharmacy school 
wouldnt have been the same 
without you ladies there to keep 
me sane. I love you guys! 

Adam Dudley 

Diane Durso 

Nnenna Ezeocha 

Gang Fang 

Walter Fasch 

Brian Ferullo 

Mathilda Fienkeng 


& gratitude to the wind beneath 
my wings; Martin, Anne-Marie, 
Ralph, Dasi, my entire family & 
friends. To friends at UM SOP. 
SA, Phi Lambda Sigma, Kappa 
Psi, Rho Chi, APhA. I'M 

Soheila Gerami-Diznab 

"Sitting at the pharmacy hall, 
going over the slides, one slide a' 
a time, it took me four years to 
finish them all. Smile " 

Jorie Glick 

Kelly Gray 

Vandana Gupta 

To my family, thanks for your 

love and support ! 

"Live as if you were to die 

tomorrow. Learn as if you were to 

live forever." — Gandhi 

Vandana Gupta 

UMB School of Pharmacy 

University of Baltimore 

Pharm.D/MBA Candidate, 2008 

vguptOOl @ 

Candice Guy 

Julie Hahn 

Monica Healy 

"Take pride in how far you have 
come, and have faith in how far 
you can go!" 
— Brothers For Life ~ AAAE- 

Jacqueline Huber 


Tony Hwangpo 

Joseph Joh 

Jaikishan Kakar 

Aparna Kalidindi 

Jason Katcoff 

If at first you do succeed, try to 
hide your astonishment. 

Garth Kistner 

Rho Chi Honor Society 








: I 

Kathleen Klemm 

* Thank you to my wonderful 
family and friends for your love 
and support! With God, all things 
are possible! To my pharmacy 
ladies - I could not have made it 
through without you! * 

Liesel Kloetzli 

Krista Konapelsky 


Tatiana Kondrakhina 

I would like to thank my daugmi 
Arina, for helping me with my 
assignments and my husband, 
Sergey, for being my rock. Thar 
to Drs. Brandt, Morgan, 
McPherson, and Beardsley for 
showing me many new aspects o 
pharmacy. Thank you to all and 
Good Luck to the Class of 2008! 

Paul Ku 

Honghong La 

Ashley Laflame 

Elise Lanio 

Jamie Larrimore 

Daniel Lee 

Benjamin Le\is 

Linds-thank \ou. \our love uiul 
patience have sustained me 
Now. come waste your time with 

Jessie Lish 

Jessie Ii^h. PharmD-Much love to 
PDCandmj PDC family, the 
back row bombers in I'M 120. and 
m> R\ ladies (Monica] 
Carbonicle, Himey, Easy E, Soup- 
a-Loop, Jenn B, Zizzle m> nizzle, 
JorJor, Uuuurika, Mo Mo, KI). 
and Beenie Seagull). I love \ou 

Tammv Lut/ 

John Lee 

To m\ wife, I thank you for all of 
your love. 

To my parents. I cherish \our 

unconditional support. 

To the Class o\ 2008, 1 leave with 

you this final quote: 

"Don't Stop. Get it. get it!" - Luther 

Campbell (The 2 Li\e Crew | 

Samuel Lee 

R\an Majchrzak 

Sana Majid 

Roy Mathew 

Mavis Mbi 

I thank God for being my help and 
strength. I also thank my family in 
the US & Ghana for supporting 
and encouraging me (esp. Mom, 
Dad, Emmanuel, Aunts Gina & 

Member of: CPFI, SMdPHA 
(Past-President), SNPHA, KY. 

Thomas Mercurio 

Congratulations and Good Luck to 
the 2008 University of Maryland 

Hyejin Mitchell 

Jason Nagle 

Savan Nand 

Ndubisi Ndukwe 

Some give up at the first touch oi, 
pressure; some sell out; some rur| 
down by imperceptible degrees 
and lose their fire, never knowing [ 
when or how they lost it. Yet a 1 
few hold on and move on, 
knowing that that fire is not to bell 
betrayed, learning how to give it I 
shape, purpose and reality. ~ AyBJ 

Thaoly Nguyen 

Spiros Nicols 

We are the winners of 
Pharmavision! We are, we are! 

Angelo Noronha 

Thanks 2 my Family & God 4 
getting me through the good times 
& the bad. Shout outs 2 my man 
Sam 4 being there through thick 4 
thin, Richie Rich"party ain't a 
party till we run through it", & 2 
everyone that touched my life 
during my 4 years in MD. 


Kric Oduro 

"There is a Spirit in Man and the 
Inspirations of the ALMIGHTY 
gives understanding so we must 
live our lives as if tomorrow is the 
last day and learn as if we shall 
live forever" 

Marie Ofori 

Glory be to God! 
"Our deepest fear is not that we 
are inadequate. Our deepest fear 
is that we are powerful beyond 
measure. It is our light, not our 
darkness that most frightens us" 
family, friends, advisors, mentors 
I love you and will miss you. 
Thank you. 

Jessica O'Kane 

Ayodeji Oke-Owo 

James Papadatos 

Jimmy Pop: APhA 2004-08; 
ASHP2006 OX; MPhA 2006 08; 
ABAE 2006-07; RhoChi National 
Honor Society; RhoChi Vice 
President 2006-07; RhoChi Hook 
Award 2006: PLS Leadership 
Society; V \l.OR Student 2007- 

Kajal Patel 

I'll miss my dmggee buddies:-!. 

Sejal Patel 

To my closest ones over the past 4 
vis-thank you lor wonderful 
memories. I'll always cherish! 
Congrats c/o 2008! 
-Do not go where the path ma\ 
lead, go instead where there is no 
path and leave a trail. -Ralph 
Waldo Emerson 

Svetlana Polvanskava 

Ndidi Onvirioha 

Metallic Powell 

Phi Lambda Sigma I eadership 
Society, Lambda Kappa Sigma 
International Professional 
Fraternity, Christian Pharmacists 
Fellow ship International. 
American Pharmacists Association 
deaden udent Pharmacists, 

American Society of Consultant 
Pharmacists 41 

Jaime Keid 

Candice Richardson 

Leah Robinson 

Jae Ryu 

"For everyone of us that succeeds, 
it's because there's somebody there 
to show you the way out. -OW-" 
For me it was my parents, my 
brother, my friends (KSN, JLP). 
Thank you so much. 

Mojdeh Saba 

What you get by achieving your 
goals is not as important as what 
you become by achieving your 
goals. To my family, you are my 
rock and I love you! Partner in 
crime KI). thanks for the laughter. 
\l.vou arc my second family. 

Matthew Schoenleben 

You can't make footprints in the 
sands of time sitting on your butt, 
and who wants to make buttprints 
in the sands of time? 

Clifford Sinfuego 

Dear Daddy, 
Congratulations on your 
graduation! We're so proud of 
you! You're an inspiration to botl 
of us and were lucky to have you 
as our dad. 


Vincent and Adrian 

Amy Snyder 

Erika Stevens 

Henry Tang 

V > 

Michelle Taymuree 

Meseret Teklu 

Making the simple complicated is 
commonplace; making the 
complicated simple, awesomely 
simple, that's creativity.- Charles 

[Courtesy of l'uncroiyable de les 
uncroiyables, AC, my very 
personal, Yummificant! 
Anticoagulation therapy!] ~ 

Tanya Telegadis 

Destiny is not a matter of chance, 
it is a matter of choice: it is not a 
thing to be waited for, it is a thing 
to be achieved." -William 
Jennings Bryan 

In Loving Memory of My Father. 
Frank E. Telegadis (12/31/51 - 

Lauren Thomas 

Pharmacy School holds some of 
my best and worst memories! I 
wish the best of luck to everyone 
in the future. To my special ladies, 
you know who you are; I could 
not have done this without you. 
Cheers to us! Congratulations 
Class of 2008. we made it! 

Mel ike Tunc 

Dad, Mom and Zeyncp: I love you 

and thank sou for your endless 


Tammy. Svetlana. Jae and Jimmy: 

I love you all and thank you lor 

your friendship. 

Class of 2008: 

What an amazing adventure uc 

have had. 

See you all behind the counter! 

Karen Sherr Umali 

The primary difference between 
successful people & unsuccessful 
people is that successful people 
fail more. If you see failure as a 
monster stalking you. (it) can 
become a benevolent teacher, 
opening your mind to successes 
you cannot now imagine. M.Beck 

Richard Velasco 

Louise Wang 

Yndiana Tineo 

The price of success is dedication, 
hard work, and an unremitting 
devotion to the things you want to 
see happen. -Frank Lloyd Wright 
My most sincere gratitude to God 
and my family for helping me 
along this journey. To all my 
friends and classmates, thanks for 
the sreat memories. 

Scott Wern 

Jamie Wilkins 

"Do not go where the path may 
lead; go instead where there is no 
path and leave a trail." Ralph 
Waldo Emerson 

Thanks to my wonderful family, 
friends, mentors and advisors; 
\\ ithout whom I would not be 
standing where I am today. 

Min-Li Wu 

Laura Zendel 

Jennifer Zile 

Not Pictured: 

Alex Chui, Radmila Gitelman, Darrieck Mount, Velma Nwosu, 
Timothy Reineke, Danielle Silva 

sb-v. -W*- 1 


\_oving Memory Q 

i mtk 

' 975-1006 




Morgan and friends take a moment to Dr< Cherokee Layson-Wolf works on a patient prescription in 

relax and socialize. Events such as this give J r r r 

Fred Lab. Students benefit from the knowledge and advice that 

faculty the opportunity to decompress and 
escape from the pressures of school. 
Middle: Fred Abramson and Mathilda Fienkeng 
discuss issues concerning practice lab. Faculty 
and students share ideas to help improve the 

m: Not just dedicated faculty members but 
-l c .. Dr Thomas Dowling and Dr. 

le Bittner hang out and enjoy 
mpany at the Fall Formal. 

faculty provide in class and during pharmacy practice lab . 

Department of Pharmaceutical Health Services 

Research (PHSR) 


uhcrt S. Beardsle>.RPh. PhD 

Vice Chair of Education, 

Department of PHSR 

C. Daniel Mullins. PhD 

Chair, Depanmeni of PHSR 

adia T. Sha>aPhD. MPH 

f.iaie Director. Center on Drugs and 
Public Policv 

Sheila R. Weiss. PhD 

Ann J. Da\idnfT. PhD 

Eberchuckwu Onuknugha. PhD 

Linda Simoni-Wastila. BSPharm. PhD 

Graduate Program Director. 
Department of PHSR 

Julie M. Zito. PhD 

Donald O. Kedder. BSP, 

Francis B. Palumbo. PhD. .11) 

Executive Director, Center on 

Drugs and Public Policy 

Bruce (". Stuart. PhD 
Vice of Research, 
Department of PHSR 

llene H. Zuckcrnun. PharmD. PhD 

\SSOC . l\ I r Graduate Studies 

and Research 

David V knu|i|>. PhD 

Francoise G. Pradel. PhD 

Vnthum ( . Inmmasell". Pharm.n i-l. 

Ms. PhD 

Dim H ^misc 


Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences (PSC) 


(,ar> G. Kult-rhaugh. Phi) 

Natalie I). hddington. PhD 

Yoan I do, PhD 

Peler Butko. PhD 

.lun Ha>ashi. PhD 

Uexander D. MacKerell. PhD 

Director, Computer-Aided Drug 

Design Center 


Stephen \Y. Hoag. PhD 

Sarah L.J Michel. PhD 

Kd\in Pozharski\ 

Richard N. Dalb\.PhD 

J. Edward Moreton. PhD 

Gerald M. Rosen. PhD. JI 

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences (PSC) 

Paul S. Shapiro. PhD 

Director. Pharmaceutical 

Science-. Graduate Program 


Peter W. Swaan . PhD 

Jia Bei Wang. PhD 

\hron « einer. PhD 


VngelaNilkv PhD 

Hongbing Wang. PhD 

Kriii e lu. PhD 


Department of Pharmacy Practice and Science (PPS 

\lfrcd Vbramson. BSP. RPH 

Cynthia J. Boyle. PharmD, 

Director, Office 


ll« -ii In r B, ( ongdon. 
PharmD, CAC P 

Chanel F. Agness. PharmD 

Nicole J. Brandt. PharmD 

Bethany F. DiPaula. PharmD 

Cherokee Layson-Wolf, 



Bruce D. Anderson, PharmD 

Director of Operations. 
Maryland Poison Center 

Lisa Charneski. PharmD, BCPS 

Thomas C. Dowling, PhD 

Raymond C. Love, PharmD 

Christine K. Choy, Pharmfl 

Stuart T. Haines, PharmD, FASIj 

Vice Chair Academic Affairs 
Department of Pharmacy Practice & ScB 

Mary Lynn McPherso 1 
PharmD, BCPS, CD! I 

I epartment of Pharmacy Practice and Science (PPS) 

Rohirl J. Michmki. PharmD 

lagah Rodriguez de Bittner. 
PharmD. BCPS. CDE 

hair. Department of Pharmacj 
Practice and Sciences 

I* M. Summers. PharmD. BCPS 

Jill Morgan, PharmD 

\ssociate Dean lor Studenl 

David S. RoiTman. PharmD. 


Associate Dean for Academic Mfairs 

.lame- \. I rovalo. PharmD 

Jason M. Noel, PharmD, BCPF 

i >in cl ii linical Pharmacj 

es at the Rosewood Centei 

Neha Sheth. PharmD 

Channaine I). Rochester. PharmD. 
It( PS,< DM.< Dl 


Deborah Slurp*. PharmD.. B( Ps 

V i 


• «• • *1 

F • • • • 


Mima (,. Tsoukieris, B( Ps. PharmD 
administrator, Continuing Education 

Kristin \\ at-on. PharmD. B( Ps 







lill Morgan, PharmD 
\ssociate Dean forStudenl Minis 

Rebecca Ceraul 

i. and Marketing 

Natalie Eddington, PharmD 


David S. Roffman, PharmD, BCPS 

Associate Dean tor Academic Affairs 

No Photo 

Wendy Cohan 

Heather Congdon. PharmD. CACP, CDE 

Assistant Dean for University of Maryland 

School of Pharmacy at the Universities at 

Shady Grove 

No Photo 

Nancy Bowers 

Director. Administration and Finance 

Pam Crowe 

Facilities and Laboratory Manager 

William J. Cooper 

Associate Dean for Administratis 
and Finance 

Cynthia J. Boyle, PharmD, FAR 

Director. Office of Experiental Leal 

Michele Ewing 

Executive Director for DevelopmM 
and Alumni Affairs 

I isa Lebovitz, II) 



Tim Munn 

Director. Computer and 
Network Services 

Hene Zuckerman, PharmD, PhD jl 

Associate Dean for Graduate 
Studies and Research 

Wbo are these fresli new faces? 

i V ■ HI (q uBiujajpir/ \i(| (8 jjnBg -jq (j A3|spjB3$i \iq (;» q8nBqjd)ng -jq (p aj^og-ja (3 ddBU^ UB3Q (q ubuijjoh Jfi 


•jq (d sauiBHJQ <o oquin|Bd via (a uosuiBjqv P**A -"K d" olpSBunnoj. UQ <l J^ppa j jq (>1 Jiup\\ J(l 'f PPWPIW'JO 



From Fall Formals to Spring Picnics, the Student Government Association was active in 
sponsoring a variety of student events all year long. 

Summer Leadership Retreat 

In August, the SGA council and 
faculty advisors spent a weekend in 
Kensington, Ml). Activities 
involved voting on changes to the 
constitution, group building 
exercises, and basking in the beauty 
ot the Chesapeake Bay. 

Legislative Day 

The School of Pharmacy 
participated in some grassroots 
advocacy on Legislative Day to 
promote and expand the scope of 
pharmacy practice with legislators. 




. UMB,-frc**i 
Pi**-v*wc.Y \o Law w WejJiicx\, one. 
%r*s'fcex\ \o c~ov*e~ "tuter. 


BaHVtione. Otui^y <xrc - "traiofepor'texsl 
PLC c^ac-U WC€.V-, wUic-U Kr vw\e 

Pvkvwk^y, "»' 


and make a difference. 




WM i J 


* j| 



Vic-«- PVTe^»ic?lcvi , h 'See**** Pdte.1 
Tnea«»un&r- ~T~2e.°Tu L^ 
T2ec-orel»'Vi 'Se^jneXary: Je.ffc'vfe.r Ofyic-e-w<aU 
Ojmt«»po^V3l»Otfi < Sec-re."te*rv." l^evm Brt^v 

^^^vi Plan C^or<3mocobr«»-' TW-i Q*rvnic-l-K*e4, 
~Dtaw\ Chart, a»s\A A>s*r\ ^otne-ex- 


• ■¥.-'•!•• 

ccellences mission is to provide tutoring 
Jents; to reward middle and high school students for producing successful learning outcomes; to provide 

real-world internship opportunities to expose middle/high school students to careers in the health 
ofessions, law, and social work; to have professional school students, faculty, friends, and professionals 
serve as tutors and mentors to middle and high school students. 


The University of Maryland Chapter of Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy is focused 

on enhancing managed care pharmacy education and promoting postgraduate training in 

areas of managed care as well as the pharmaceutical industry. 

P and T competition check 
presentation to the winning 
team. From left to right 
Kyongsei Sohn, Toni 
Egharevba, Samuel Lee, 
Matthew Casciano, Richard 
Fry, Dr. Morgan. Dr. Shaya, 
Jeanne Lim. and Raymond 
Bleu-Laine . 


from left to right: Toni Egharevba, Lisa 
Mostovoy, Jeanne Lim. Thao Vuong, Dr. Shaya. 
and Raymond Bleu-Laine . 

Pharmaceutical Industy Forum 

Right picture : E- 
Board visit to the 
AMCP national 
office in Alexandria, 
from left to right: 
Raymond Bleu- 
Laine , Jeanne Lim, 
Steve Karlin, April 
Shaughnessy, Lisa 
Mostovoy, and Toni 

Left Picture : Sylvia 
Hanna (historian), Amy 
Kemner, Raymond Bleu- 
Laine , Harvey Maldow, 
Toni Egharevba, and Lisa 

Right picture: Thao 
f Vuong and Kinjal Patel 
the dinner banquet 

2001 Eastern AMCP Student 
Chapter Conference 

Left picture : Alumni and 

students at the 2007 AMCP 

Educational Conference in 

Boston : Andrew Bogard. 

Angelo Noronha. 

Dr. Yvette Tong. Damon 

Douglas. Jeanne Lim. 

Samuel Lee, 

Dr. Melody Magliano. 

Raymond Bleu-Laine . and 

Matthew Casciano. 

Right picture : Students 
during our 1st general body 
meeting of the vear 

Backpack to 


Etiquette Dinner 

Students get ready to enjoy the excellent etiquette dinner 
from left to right : Tina Dang. Ken/ie Biggins. Chris Charming. 
Fedelyne Dieujuste. Andrew York, and Brandon Shannon 

inita Perez and Raymond Bleu-Laine' with health 

e would like to congratulate all AMCP student members who are going 
) graduate this year... A.Bogard, M.Casciano, J.Dhaliwal, F.Dieujuste, 
V.Gupta, S.Lee, R.Hajchrzak, A.Noronha, and M.Taymuree. 

We wish you the bestl 

We would also like to thank people who made our year a success: 
|r. Shaya (Advisor), AMCP National Chapter, Target, AztraZeneca, Rugters Fellows, 
Walmart, and last but not least, EVERY AMCP STUDENT MEMBER. 


Jk A w Cm 


4 ^L ^P 



Our APhA-ASP chapter had the privilege of hosting 
pr- Region 2's Midyear Regional Meeting (MRM) here in? 
Baltimore. We welcomed students and faculty from 
pharmacy schools in Virginia, West Virginia, 
Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and the District 
of Columbia. 




American Pharmacists Association 
Academy of Student Pharmacists 

L<gNf American Pharmacists Association 

Improving medication use. Advancing patient care. 



In the past year, the 
students of APhA- 
ASP have educated 
thousands of people 
all over the state of 
Maryland in diabetes, 
heartburn, and 
Lyme disease. 





Student Pharmacists and Practitioners Protecting The Public Health 

i APhA Annual Meeting 
I Exposition was held 
rch 14-17, 2008 in San 
go, California. Our school 

more than 40 students 

faculty attending the 
it. Our school's chapter 
*hi Lambda Sigma won 
(National Chapter of the 
ir Award and Dr. Cynthia 

le won the 2008 APhA 
>d Government 


areness Challenge 

We also held several forums this past 
year. On the left, Ashley Burns thanks J. 
Steinberg, PharmD, from Pfizer for 
coming to speak to us about 
Fibromyalgia. During the year, the ASP 
chapter also held a New Practitioner 
Smooth Transitions Program and helped 
to organize a forum to inform students 
about Legislative Day in Annapolis, MD. 



waiting for our crab feast, Andrew Michaelson, Eva Lee, 
jnes, Sarah Brody, Joseph Joh, Kim Fetsch 


ASCP is an organization 
that recognizes the 
importance of consultant 
and senior care 
pharmacists in improving 
the lives of geriatric 

Left to Right: Eva Lee, 
Diana Chan, Andrew 
Michaelson, Dr. Nicole 
Brandt, two Howard 
University students, 
Kim Fetsch, Louis 
Jones, Thao Vuong, 
Sarah Brody, and 
Joseph Joh 

h Brody smiles big and wide! 

1 2007: Working with ASHP. we put together 
| pnderful spaghetti dinner for the pleasant 
f|e Lodge residents. 

Spring 2008: At the MD-ASCP Quarterly 
Program that took place at Ruths Chris 
Steakhouse, ASCP presented Erin Elwood 
with a Student of the Year award! 

L to Right: Eva Lee, Sheryl Thedford. and Residents 

Left to Right: Louis Jones. Tiffany Russell, Erin 
Elwood. Eva Lee, Kim Fetsch 

lg 2008: The Geriatric Fair and Forum was a success! It allowed PharmD students a glimpse 
ilihe field of geriatrics and long-term care pharmacy. 

>/v Michaelson and the 
poster board 

Guest speakers Dr. Jennifer Hardesty 
and Dr. Eric Johnson with their gifts 
and Andrew Michaelson 

Tiffany Russell learning about 

geriatric services 


Executive Board: Front (from left) Dr. James Tro\ ato (Faculty 

Advisor). Selma Du (President). Ameet Joshi (President-Elect). 

Back Row (from left) Nicole Cammarata (MSHP Liaison). Jessica 

DiBona - Faridi (Secretary), Eva Lee (Treasurer). Sheryl Thedford 

(Historian). Julie Mathias (Historian). Linda Sun (ASHP Liason). 

Xuan Tang (Webmaster). Emily Dotter (Historian) 

Midyear Meeting in Las Vegas. Nevada 

American Society of 
Health-Systems Pharmacists 

Above: President-elect Ameet Joshi signs up m 
members; Our Fearless Leader and President, 
Selma Du addressing the "troops". Left: the 
"troops" (from left - Connie Yoon. Lakshmi 
Potti. Julie Mathias. Lana McKinney. and Andii 


Jniversity of Maryland 
^SHP Chapter 


Innovations in Pharmacy 


Hope Lodge with ASCP 

Diabetic Halloween with 
SMdPhA and PLS 

Spring Health Fair with SMdPhA 

Pharmacy Phun 

terdisciplinary Patient Management 
Competition with PLS 

Clinical Skills Competition 
with AMCP 

Professional Development 

[iyear Clinical Meeting in Las Vegas 
Mentorship Program 

Fall ASHP Sponsored forum: Innovations in Pharmacy 
From Left - Linda Sun, Dr. Douglas Scheckelhoff (Vice President, ASHP). 
Dr. Carla Gill (Associate Director of Pharmacy. Johns Hopkins Hospital). 

Dr. John DiBona (Director of Pharmacy. Sinai Hospital). 
Jessica DiBona-Faridi. Selma Du. 

Making and Serving Dinner at Hope Lodge with ASCP : Above from left- Thao Vuong. 

Seema Patel. Eva Lee. Selma Du. In Kim. Connie Yoon. Andy Michaelson. Kim Fetsch. 

Eun-Jin Bae. Ameet Joshi. Cathy Chang. Emily Dotter. and Kevin Brady. 


"Having discovered that through intimate association with one another, and by practice of the virtues of mutual trusi 
s> mpathy. faithfulness, and unselfishness we have been able to advance our profession, exalt our alma mater and buii 
strongly our individual characters; and being desirous of maintaining and expanding that principle of association an 

friendship and cooperation." 

Atlantic QtJ Convention (Far Right) 

During the summer o\' 2007. AZO 
Kappa had to regroup or race 

extinction. New pledges stepped up 

to this challenge, as well as the 

challenge of a mechanical bull! 



KB ^ 


izRRfpns 3a 




Above: Making dinner for the Hope Lodge 
Left: Having a good time at Rush Kick Off 


Ameet Joshi, cowboy 



4 *G 



on Kinyon, comedian 

Above: Njuibi and 
Jason enjoying 
themselves at the 
potluck dinner 


"om Brew approves of these tacos 

Kim Still approves of the Florida Convention 

ice. Friendship and Brotherly Love 


• AZQ 1 

L m\ 



Going to Prom?? ...or goofing off 
before Florida Convention Formal 

n Christian Pharmacists 
Fellowship International 

Our goal is to integrate who we are as Christians with 
our profession of pharmacy. 

We strive to: 

* Set an example of Christian living in our 
relationships, academics, speech, love, faith, and 
purity to portray Christ to others and glorify God. 
* Encourage shared delight in the Savior and our 
relationships with him through spiritual disciplines 
and church membership. 
* Provide fellowship, materials, and prayer to 
:e the discipleship of Christians, particularly 
nd obedience to God are wavering. 

Executive Board: 
Front Row/ (from 
left) Mike Akers 
(Vice President). 
Meghan McMenry 
(President). Kaitlin 
(Historian). Back 
Row (from left) Dr. 
Lisa Charneski 
(Faculty Advisor). 
Catherine Lee 
(Treasurer). Iliana 




Left: T. J 
takes center 
stage at the 
karaoke kick-off 
event at 
Zodiac drill. 

Right: Duet 
by Catherine 
Lee and 
Melissa Kim. 

DSPA members lend a hand to Campus 
Kitchen, an organization providing meals for 
working families in need of assistance. From 
left: lliana Cheng. Molly Rockstad. and Julie 

Member /nap /hot/! 

r ck n I Catherine Lee, Kathy Matthew/, & 

i/tin Qon/tantino & Areo llazan I ' 

Idina Varqhe/e 

Above: Melissa Kim 
kicks it up a notch! 

Aatt /iuta 

Having fun in the 
kitchen, from left 
Kathy Matthews 
and Meghan 


Kappa Psi 

Fellowship Industry Sobriety High Ideals 

Pledge masters with 
the best pledge 

Helping out at the American 

Diabetes Association's Step Out to 

Fight Diabetes 



^^^^l^^^H ^p^r^V 


Great turn out at our brotherhood retreat 

• wings tor the 

Group picture to kickoff the rush period and 
to show off our Kappa Psi pride 

Fall Rush 2007 

Ashley grilling at the BBQ 


Tze-Yu. Manu & Sophia 
playing at game night 


Lovely ladies Sophia. Lorena. 
and Connie at the luau 

Xuan and Mavis posing for the 

iCloseup on Brothers 

Sigma Chapter representing at the spring Province III meeting held at 
Howard University 

GO RAVENS: The fast \cjlt of our 
concession Ntand 

Lambda Kappa 

Congrats to the Sisters Who Are Graduating this Year . . . 
Melanie Belcher Candice Richardson Fedelyne Dieujuste 

Midi Onyirioia Lauren Tiomas 

Kathleen Klemm Welonie Powell 

Svetlana Polyanskaya Tammy Lutz 

Yndiana Tineo 
Min-Li Vu 
Jamie Wilkins 

RIGHT: Fall Initiation 

Ceremonj at the Kelly 


BELOW: Our Tri-Fold for 
the Organizational Gala 

And to the Entire Class of 20081 
Best of Luckl 

\BOVE: Mary Kay Night with 
1 President Dixie l.eikach 

ABOVE: Recruiting Some New 
Members in the Fall 


/eryice Leader/hip 

blCIBicl Epsilon ciapter 

Promoting Women In Pharmacy 

i 'ABOVE: A few sisters in Fells 
Point for the Ghost Tour 

ABOVE: Getting together each month for our 
general bod\ meetings 

>fe//ionali/m friend/hip 



NCPA president, Lou Jones, leads the first meeting 
of the 2007-2008 school year. 

NCPA meeting attendees Erin Senkbeil and Adam 

h* * 


r dinner 



CPA 2007-2008 Officers 

Preside President: Lou Jones 

President- Elect: Kelly Adamcek 

Secretary: Damon Douglas 

Treasurer: Andy Raska 

Historian: Jen Grant 

Webmaster: Sibtain Rawala 

Lou Jones and 

Joni Larrabee 

receive a lesson 

from the Merck 

representative on 

using their PDA 



the Magic 


NCPA's 109th Annual Convention 
and Trade Exposition 

* October 13-17, 2007 * 

Anaheim Convention Center 

Members Adam Bress, Jen Grant, Lou 
Jones, and Joni Larrabee with Fred 
Abramson at the NCPA exhibit hall. 

Members were 

able to enjoy the 


beaches during 
down-time from 

the convention. 

Lou Jones presents advisor, Fred Abramson, with a 

gift of appreciation during the UMB friends and 
family dinner hosted by Fred at the House of Blues. 

Convention attendees Jen Grant and Monica 
Healy with Dean Fddington at the UMB dinner. 

Members Min-Li \\ u and Rai Cary with attending 
I MB alumni. 


The executive bo.ird tor the camera 
at the Eastern Regional Conference 




Brothers pose for a 

picture at the Rush 

Tex-Mex Dinner 

while the rushees 

helped themselves to 

a plethora of south- 

of-the-border dishes. 

• : P Delta( hi pledges at one 
ti< ipated events oi the 


Pledges learn about the fraternity during 
pledge education. 

The annual Phi Delta Chi Ski Trip was held 
this year at Canaan Valley. WV. While therel 
was little snow, the brothers who attended I 
made the best of it and befriended the local J 

The 2007 Spring Formal was held at 

Camden Yards, and we were pleased to 

welcome visiting brothers from the 

Alpha Omicron chapter at Temple 



Brother Christina Green 

makes decorative 
doorhangers \\ itli the 
children of the Ronald 

McDonald House. 

eaders in Pharmacy, Brothers for Life 

FA ir> 



i Left: Phi Delta Chi sponsored a 
Can Castle competition 

I between the classes to collect 

I non-perishables for the 
Maryland Food Bank. Castles 
were judged on creativity as 
well as number of items. 

Below: Brothers staff a table at a 
health fair targeted to older 
adults, where they helped 
participants complete fall risk 
assessments and medication lists 
to earn with them. 
m y " 





Um y Center Univ« 

Virginia Tech alumna Li/ 

Campbell show s o\\ her 

Hokie feet paddle from her 

little Kate McHenry. 

The annual Phi Delta 
Chi forum consisted o\ 

a debate on 

collaborative practice 

b\ our o\\ n Dr. 

Rochester and 

MedChi Executive 

Director. Dr. 


Brothers I. mils Knapp 
and Dominick Memoli 

participate in the first oi 

two Red Cross Blood 
Drixes held this spring. 

cPlii Juamdda Gigma 

□ Seta cCamBda QRaptor 

2007-2008 Executive Board (left to right) 

Claire Leocha (Vice President), Rita Kasliwal 

(Historian), Mark Heisey (Treasurer), Mr. Fred 

Abramson (Advisor), Lisa Wohl (President), Louis 

Jones (Secretary), Shirley Lee (President-Elect) 


Tibers spending some quality time at our Bowling Night! 

>Z and 'OS QRapfar 
of ffie Steam! 

Dean Natalie Eddington was 

inducted into PLS this year. Dr. Jill 

Morgan was awarded the Beta 

Lambda Faculty Member of the 

Year Award. 

Jessie O'Kane wins 
Chapter Member of the 

Yara Haddad, Jannet Hseih, Selma Du, 

and Lakshmi Potti in our Haunted House 

at Diabetic Halloween 

jrth Year, 
i Kasliwal, 
the AFPE- 
-GSK First 
sented in 
fDiego, CA 
)r. Robert 

Fourth Year PLS members with Drs. Love, Boyle, and Truong 

Ganesh Kumarachandran, Lisa Wohl, and Yara Haddad 
pictured with Drs. Choy, Coop, Zito. and Rochester 

Team 'Bowl Movements' wins at Bowling 

Night! Shirley Lee. Matt Lunsik. Ganesh 

Kumarachandran. Rita Kasliwal. and 

Louis Jones 

GXRartnacy JOeadersfiip Society 

Rho Chi Honor Society 
Omicron Chapter 

2007-2008 Officers: 

President: Kevin Brady 
Vice President: Tiffany Russell 
Secretary: Erin Elwood 
Treasurer: Amy Vu 
Historian: Allison Chilipko 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Myron Weiner 

Fall Peon* Lie+Pik^Kier 


Campus Activities: 

Academic Student of the Month 
Student Trivia Contest .% 

Andrew ©. DuAAez Lecture s^) 

M» ^hi Jnduchm SBa^ud (2007, 2008) 



I In Student Committee on Drug Abuse Education (SCODAE) is a voluntary organization made up of University of Maryland 
pharmacy students. This organization receives guidance from faculty members at the University of Maryland Office of Substance 
Abuse Studies. SCODAE members teach drug and alcohol education to audiences of middle school children, parents, and education 
professionals throughout Maryland. The SCODAE presentations provide accurate and unbiased drug and alcohol information in 
order to prevent abuse and addiction within the community. 

The officers enjoyed a taste of the culture of Salt 
Lake City when they toured the Mormon Temple 


Each summer, the SCODAE officers make a 
trip to Utah to attend the annual University of 
Utah School on Alcoholism and Other Drug 
Dependencies Conference, where they learn 
the newest theories in drug abuse while also 
enjoying the sights that Utah has to offer. 

While in Utah, the officers (along with Faculty Advisor 
and guest speaker at the conference, Dr. Tony 
Tommasello) climbed one of the nearby mountains to 
enjoy the beautiful scenery of Salt Lake City. 


In a drug-oriented society, information on the pharmacology of drugs and alcohol is a basic educational need. 

From left to right: Thomas Brewer. Jackie Finocchio, Kelly Martin, Dr. Tony Tommasello, Amy Houtchens. and Leah Sera 

Behind the Curtains 

Faculty Advisor- Dr. Tony Tommasello 
Student Officers: 
President- Amy Houtchens 
Vice President- Leah Sera 
Treasurer- Kelly Martin 
Secretery- Jackie Finocchio 
Webmaster- Thomas Brewer 

Here are Dr. Tommasello and the Officers cooking up their 
annual Spaghetti luncheon to raise awareness about the 
SCODAE program with something other than pizza! 



Student Section of Maryland Public Health Association 

The SMdPHA members at 
the annual health fair held 
next to Waverly Farmer's 
Market. There was food, 
games, and activities, which 
made learning about health 
enjoyable for all age groups. 
All the volunteers of this 
event presented various 
topics, such as heart disease, 
nutrition, smoking 
cessation, diabetes, 
asthma/COPD, and 
information on health 

dinnei .is partol the training 
the annual joint health lair with the Johns 

Our advisor. Dr. Truong with our president, Kumail and our past president. 
Mavis. The health fair held at the Waverly Fanner's Market had a great 
turnout in both residents and students. The common interest in learning more 
about healthcare and promoting it was evident. 

Health fair held al Om Dail) Bread 
in Baltimore, Ml) SMdPH \ 
presented topics on asthma, 
diabetes, and complementary and 
alternative medicine. This health 
Fail was held in conjuction w ith 

SMdPHA handed oul oatmeal 
cookies wrapped with ;i message 
stressing the importance ol public 
health awareness during the annual 
Organizational Gala held l<u all 
pharmacj school students. 

Students provided information and 
resources lor people who \ isited the 
health fair held at Our Dailj Bread 
in Baltimore. MD. 

The annual health fair held in conjuction with Johns Hopkins health professional schools and University of 
Maryland. Baltimore health professional schools next to the Waverly Farmer's Market in Baltimore. Md. 

"See not just with your eyes, 

but your heart. 

Care not just with your mind, 

but your open hands! " 

~ Dr. Hoai-An Truong, Co-founder of SMdPHA 


^tude^'t" MrftW** 

h& \o prcpanc. ™»o£>riTy «.TU<?fe.i^n<», 
"tW-cM^U life- l^v-** c^dic-cOicvi cww?l 
c-fnofeC-iCT.** efforts. "t"o ^e^TTVic 
,l^lle.K-w*e.«. of"tV»e. e.xpai^»dno^ role o\ 

c-<arc cxper-'ftfee. "toward ivnprcvii'Vi 



TUe, purp£>*£»€, o\ < SKlPvv4 y*> To pUir orc\a\r\\jSje,, c~ocr-dn^a\~e~, 
am<A i^nple>*ie.i^Tprp^rc*vn«E, <*ex*rex?l Toward iwiprcvn^<^ lUe. 

T>\cbe3rK~ 14allc>w< 


<*i/id BUc-W J4l*o*tbrv VWitii 

T2e^ icw*l Mee."tVv* im CUarle^^ibwio, "SC 


x 5i*ity 



This year SPA had, for the first time, a full executive board to carry out and build 
upon the goals of the organization. With the help of eager students to get involved 
with this revamped organization, SPA hosted the first Rock the Smoke Out for Great 
American Smoke Out, participated in SGA organizational gala, USGA fall picnic, 
school wide health fairs, and hosted guest speakers from the law school. Thanks to 
everyone who made this a great year for SPA! 

RocK tie Smofce Oiitl 

' ** • 

November 16, 2007 

L 4H 

1 gtt quii no 


SPA Executive Board 2007-2008: 

President - Ganesh Kumarachandran Secretary - Erica Swanson 
President Elect - Jacklyn Finocchio Treasurer - Amy Houtchens 

Vice President - Jennifer Heller 

PWv-wk*c-y Gra^kAaus, < EmA<Ae,^vik 

harmaceutica! Science; 

■ ^^ 

Dr >sig lithe 'i -rflA ry 
Cm /t Cc er 

Officers (left to right): 

President: Tatiana Claro da Silva 
Vice-President: Sarice R. Smith 
Treasurer: Trudy Smith 
Secretary: Hanpin Lim 

( In ■ rhmmaeu fjiaduale, ^/tudenL S^umcdum (9*8&'$t) i& a dudent oi^anizalion djionmed Im the, 

■ t'limwacmlical &cknce& (hP^f^) ^ejiatlmenl in the, &chod of SPkaimacu. Out diective id to lejiwmt the inteiem 

ziaduak dudenlb in out dejiailmeni and act an an official liaimn between ziaduale dudenL, the £P&^S, and 
fihaimacu rllmtil., of the &ckool. "M } e ate aim actinelu involved in fiwmotinz the ijwedaale, QPwzwm in 

■ rhmmaceumu &cienm in iettm of leauilmenl and oiienlation of incoming naduate dudenL, and mod of all, in 
enminz a ma ztadutue dudeni life! 

Officers (cont., from left to right): 

Computer liason: Xiao Zhu 
/r students rep: Duan Wang 

-liskaya and 
i ; . Tolson 

*SC Students 

White Elephant gift exchange at the 
PGSA Holiday Party: 
Antonia Tolson. Tatiana Claro da Silva. 
Colleen Day. Diane Doughty. Wenchi 
Hsu (Vicky), and Hanpin Lim. 


Sarice enjoying the PGSA Happy 
Hour with Maura O'Neill (left) and 
Marishka Brown (middle). 


School of ^hmmacu VeaJwok 

Mx>ve: Tze Vu Loand Ameet 

Joshi Jui'ing a meeting 

Right: Njuihi Ngwa Nforbi helps a 

student prepare for her portrait. 

Below: Adrienne Glodl uploads 
pictures and names 

Below: Our lovely editors, Denise Fu and Ann Parker 

Terra Mariae means 
"Land of Mary" 

We are the University of 
Maryland School of Pharmacy 
and this is our yearbook. 

Executive Board 

Editors in Chief: Ann Parker 
Denise Fu 
Business Manager: Ameet Joshi 
Organization Editor: Linda Sun 
Class Editor: Diana Chan 
Copy Editor: Njuibi Ngwa-Nforbi 
Faculty & Staff Editor Betcy Philip 
Events Editor: Tze-Yu Lo 
Advisors: Dr. Alexander Mackerell 

Dr. Cherokee Layson-Wolf 

\bo\e: Betcj Philip creates 
yearbook magic 

Working Hard 

We've got it covered 

Right: Alicia Lang and Tina Son 
pose with their cover design 


dents and faculty enjoy their time together outside of the 
clhsroom at the White Coat Ceremony, Fall and Spring Picnics, 
Fj 1 Formal, Legislative Day, and Graduation. 


White Coat Ceremony 

Not too long after classes began, the Doctor of Pharmacy 

Class of 2011 from the Baltimore and Shady Grove 

campuses gathered at the Medical School Teaching 

Facility auditorium on September 9, 2007 to enter the 

world of professional pharmacy. Friends and family of 

students also filled up the auditorium to watch the 

momentous occasion. The newly appointed Dean 

Eddington addressed the students and introduced the 

speaker to impart a few words of wisdom to the students. 

Soon after, each student would be called 

up one by one to don their white coat, the 

attire of a pharmacy professional. Students 

then listened to Dr. Jill Morgan explain the 

meaning of wearing the white coat and 

how the community perceives pharmacists. 

All students then took an oath to 

professionalism, promising that they will 

uphold professional behavior. 

Above: Dean Natalie Eddington takes 

the podium to give a few words to the 
Class of 2011. 

Below: Students listening intently 
and anxiously waiting for their 
white coats. 

Above: Michelle Jay, Ines Chen, Tiffany Choe, Justin 
Constantino, Melissa Kim, and Meredith Moy pose 
for a group shot during the reception held after the 

An oath to professionalism... 

\bove: Tuan Huynh is all smiles as he 
akes the stage and receives his white 

Right: Kay Tak and Chai Wang are 
proud to be professionals. 

Left: Dr. Heather 
Congdon helps 
Michelle Jay put on 
her new white coat. 

Right: A sea of white 
after everybody has 
received their coats. 

At ve: Amanda Lysczek and Katie Bales take a 
br ak from eating to pose for the camera. 

at tA 



Amanda Lyszcek and Adrienne Glodt. pose in 
ihe courtyard at Fayette Square as they wait for 
the Caravan service to chauffeur them to the 
Fall Formal event at the World Trade Center. 

Linda Sun and Helen Huang, pause 

during the well-attended event for a 

--hot f>\ the window view overlooking 

Inner Harbor. 

StudmU mi faculty Me emdd tetk2\d\fjw 
9Jf tk 7(/onid lude (fatten m Stffojdw \l, 2007, 
Sfmmd fly tk Sty/t fid tofcfiotfed fly %ite - did, 
tk <tMtt Mb & mM 

■low : The Fall Formal was a fun-filled event allowing pharmacy students to relax and mingle at the start of 
E year. Pictured from left to risht are Shek Mehta. Louis Jones. Carla Cabanilla. and Xiao Tu. 

Denize Fu. Diana Chan. Syh la 
Hanna. and Betcy Philip pose in 
front of the World Trade Center 
sign before going up to the 21 -4 
floor for the Fall Formal. 

Far Left: Beautiful ladies Sarah 
Robin. Megha Pancboli, and 

Archita Patel stand by to take a 

Left: Jennifer Heller helps out b\ 
giving out juice, iced tea. and water 
to the thirsty guests. 

Below : Grace Pak. Katie Watson. 
Peter Furgiuele. and Melissa Kim 
smile for the camera as they arrive 
at the World Trade Center to enjoy 
socializing and mingling at the 

Above: Sibtain Rawala. Binn\ 
Patel. and Angelo Noronha. 
surround Richard L\ght take a 
break from dancing to pose for 
a picture. 

Left: Rick Broun and Jeanne 
Lim -top to smile for the camera. 
Rick kicked it old school and 
wore a bow tie. which he tied 



On this day, we rally together for the interest 
f our profession and for the betterment of 
chool of pharmacy. 

February 14, 2008 

On the agenda this year was the issue of granting 
pharmacists the ability to immunize patients 
statewide. In addition, students came out to support 
and encourage our congressmen to approve the 
budget for the addition to Pharmacy Hall. 


The Class of 2008, 
consisting of 133 
students, graduated 
from the School of 
Pharmacy on May 16, 
2008, at Kraushaar 

Auditorium at 
Goucher College. 

} &ou toil I zzal/i out of Wis auditorium a doctor of p /tarmac y or a doctor 
of ' pfiilosopliy and emSarfi on tfia mxt pRase of your life." 

- gggg cXafalie Gddinqfon, ffl& '89, <ZS<? 

.^■Av B\ 


4th Year 

Nicest Personality 

Fernando Andrickson & Melanie Belcher 

Most likely to sit on a board of pharmacy 
Rai Cary & Mathilda Fienkeng 

Most likely to be able to fix 
anything that goes wrong with 
the lecture hall technology 

Clifford Sinfuego 

Most likely to respond to emails for help 

Jason Katcoff 

Most likely to be found 

sleeping on a couch in 

Pharmacy Hall 

Garth Kistner 

Most likely to become 
Pfizer's CEO 

Sam Lee 


f 1 

e in class 


Most likely to be a 
leadership advocate 

Jessie O'Kane 

Best Class Liaison 

Jennifer Bailey 


Best Dressed 

Fernando Andrickson & Julie Hahn 

Most likely to clog your inboxes 
Sejal Patel 

Quietest Classmate 

Alex Chui 

Most likely to start an independent 
pharmacy dynasty 

Jason Katcoff & Min-Li Wu 

Most Organized 
Jennifer Bailey 

Most likely to be 
found studying in 

PH/PLC after 

hours... even when 

there is no exam 

Joseph Joh 

Most likely to ask 
questions in class 

Marci Armetta 

Best Presentation Skills 

Matt Casciano 

Jessie O'Kane 

Most likely to 
be found at 

happy hour 

Jason Nagle 

1 1 < 

Mew. . ♦ 

Above: Chong Lee and Heidi Chang were 
married on Dec. 1, 2007. 

Below: Walker Robinson and Leah Peller 
were married Sept. 21, 2007 in Maui, HI. 

Above: Emmanuel Mbi and Mavis Prempeh, 
both UM School of Pharmacy Alumni, were 
married on August 1 1th, 2007. 

Below: Brian Elwood and Erin Wohl were 
married on August 11, :' 

Above: Kelly Hanna married her husband, Michael Hanna, in Houston, Texas on May 26, 2007 

Above: Schuyler Pulleyn and Megan Smith were married on June 9, 2007. 

Below (Left): Elliott Pyon and Sunny Kim were married on July 7, 2007. 

Below (Right): Keith Klemm and Katie Warehime, a class of 2008 graduate, were married 
on Nov. 16, 2007. 


bove (Left): Lennox James Belcher was born on December 29. 2007 to Melanie Belcher. 
class of 2008 graduate, and her husband. 

ve (Right): Olivia Lee Passwaters was born on August 29. 2007 to Jesse and Denise 

elow: Debbie Tionquiao welcomed her third son. Nathan, into the world this past year 

Above: Dr. Cherokee Layson-Wolf along with 
husband and son. Michael and Holden. welcomed 
Sofia Elise Wolf on November 7. 2007. 

Below: Aaron Edman holding his daughter. Darcy 
Elizabeth Edman. who was born on Sept. 18. 2007. 

The Remedy for a bad day.. 

Above: Amie Zawitoski & Lucy Lu 
Below: Ashley Bivins & Scottie 

Above: Jonathan Hamer's dog. Magnum 
Below: Tim Bernheimer & pet plant 

Above: Cathy Chang & Sophie 
Below: Christina Green & Jinxy 


Above: Angela Dupree's dog. Ben 


Is Cuddling Up wltft our Pets 


Abate. Tufa 7 
Abouelrous. AAohamed 7 
Abramson. Fred 46. 50. 5 3. 

55. 79. 82 

Adamcek. Kelly I 7. 'ZZ. 2 3 
Addo-Abedi. Afua 3 3. 4-5 
Adeniranue. Modupe 3 2. 3 3 
Adeyinka. Adetoro 3 3. 45 
Agena. Jody 28 
Agness. Chanel 50. 90 
Akers. Michael 3. 7. 72 
Al-Jawadi. Mohammad 3 3. -4-5 
Aladi. Christine 7 
Albanese. William 7 
Allen. Amy 6. 7 
Anderson. Bruce 50 
Anderson. Martha 34 
Andrade. Jovany 7. 8. II 
Andrickson. Fernando 3 2. 34-. 
45. 63. 82. 83. 90. I 09, 

112. 113 

Angeles. Neil I 7. 2 I . 22 
Anthony. Erin 7 

Armetta. Marcella 34. 45. I I 3 
Asein. Ohita 34. 45. 97. I 08 
Augustus. Martha 7. 76. 77 
Ayesu. Nana I 7. 2 I 

Babatunde. Olujimi 7 
Bae. Eun-Jin 66. 6 7. 93 
Bagafn. Lorena I 7. 74 
Bailey. Jennifer 34. 8 1 . 82. 

112. I I 3 

Baker. Whitney 2 1.77 
Bakhshai. Justin 7. I 5. I 02 
Bales. Katie 6.7. 99 
Barakat. Qameh I 7. 2 I . 23. 69. 

Barr. Nicole 3 1.81 
Basi. Surjit 7 
Bathula. Matthew/ 34 
Bauer. Ken 50. 54 
Beardsley. Robert 47. 5 3. 54-. 
57. I 02 
Belcher. Melanie 34. 76. 77. 

112. 115 
Berger. Reisel 7. I O. 8 I . 97. 

I 02 

Bernheimer. Timothy I 7. 2 I . 
22. 68. 69. I OO. I I 6 
Billiris. Eleni 34. I 17 
Bivins. Ashley I 7. 74. 7 5. 90. 

I I 6 

aine. Raymond 2 5. 29. 5 6. 
7 5. 82. 90. 9 I 
meter. Ralph 5 5 
'«nheimer. Erin 2 I . 22. 23 
irew 34. 6 1.1 09 

~<0. 3 1 

Bouch. Kimberly I 7 
Boyd. April 34 

Boyle. Cynthia 50. 52. 53. 54. 
62. 82. 83. 90. I 09 
Bradbury. Mary 8 I 
Brady. Kevin 8. 2 5. 29. 5 6. 59. 
62. 64. 67. 75. Q4- 
Brandt. Nicole 50. 64. 6 5 
Bress. Adam 30. 79 
Brew. Thomas 16. I 7. 5 6. 6 3. 
68. 69. I OO 
Brewer. Thomas 86. 87 
Brody. Sarah 3 5. 64. 6 5. 82 
Brown, Marishka 95 
Brown. Richard I 7. 2 I . IOI 
Burke. David 3. 7 
Burke. Diana 6. 7. II 
Burnham. Chad I I 5 
Burns. Ashley 17. 2 1. 2 3. 6 3. 82 
Burton. Erienne 20. 22. 68. 69 
Buterbaugh. Gary 48. 5 3. 54. 
I 03 
Butko. Peter 4-8 

Cabanilla. Carla 32. 3 5. 45. 82. 

I O I . I 09 

Cammarata. Nicole 28. 5 6. 66. 
76. 77. I 07 
Campbell. Liz 8 I 
Campbell. Stephanie 3 5. 4-5 
Campbell. Tessa 7. I 5 
Cannon. David 7 
Carmichael. Daniel 7 5 
Gartwright. Dana 3 5. I 08 
Cary. Raimon 32. 3 5. 63. 79. 
82. 83. I I 2 

Casciano. Matthew 3 5. 60. 6 I 
Castner. Rebecca I 9. 80. I 06 
Ceraul. Rebecca 5 2 
Chalasani. Manu 2 5. 30. 3 1. 7 A- 
Chan. Diana I 7. 22. 2 3. 62. 
63. 64-. 65. 74. 75. 96. I O I 
Chang. Chia-Fang 7. 8. I I . I 3. 
67. 75. I 03. I I 6 
Chang. Christine 3 5. 45 
Channing. Christopher 6. 7. 

I 5. 
6 I 

Charles. Chris 8. 15. 58. 7A-. 

Charneski. Lisa 50 
Chen. Ines 8. I 3. I 5. 7 5. 98. 

I 03 

Cheng. Iliana 8. I 1 . 72. 73 
Cheung. Agnes 18. 77. 84-. 

I I 7 

Chilipko. Allison 85 
Cho. Taemi 8 
Choe. Tiffany 8. 7 5. 98 
Choi. Marvin I 7. 20. 2 3. 5 7. 
62. 63. 74-. 88 
Choy. Christine 83 
Chung. HyeYoon 8 
Chung. Mary 77 

Claro da Silva. Tatiana 94. 95 

Cohen. Michelle 69 

Congdon. Heather 50. 52. 99 

Constantino. Justin 8. I 1.73. 98 

Cooke. Megan 8 

Coop. Andy 24. 48. 83 

Corker. Caitlin 8. I 3. 7 5. I OO 

Cox. Julia 8 

Crum. Meghan I 7. 7 5 

Cuda. Michael 28. 3 1.67 

D'Souza. Sanlyn 28. 3 I . 59. 7 5 
Dabek. Margaret 8 
Dacey. Amanda 8 
Dalby. Richard 4-8 
Damen. Anna 8 

Dang. Tina 7. 8. 9. I 5. 59. 6 I . 
8 I . 97. I 02. I 03. I 07 
Daniel. Ishaya 8. I 5 
Daniels. Stephanie I 7. 80. 8 I . 
I 02 

Davidoff. Amy 4-7 
Day. Colleen 95 
DeFrancesco. Ciara 3 I 
Derby. Lisa 66. I 07 
Dhaliwal. Jack 3 5 
DiBona-Faridi. Jessica 24. 2 5. 30. 

66. 67 

Dieujuste. Fedelyne 3 5. 4-5. 6 I . 

Dincher. Kathryn 3 5. 4-5 
Dipaula. Bethany 50 
Dotter. Emily 8. 66. 67. 97 
Doughty. Diane 9 5 
Douglas. Damon 2 5. 6 I 
Do we II. Paul 8 
Dowling. Thomas 46. 50 
Doxtater. Erin 8. 7 5 
Du. fielma 24. 2 5. 28. 5 6. 66. 

67. 74. 75. 83 
Duck. Stephanie 36. 4-5. I I I 
Dudley. Adam 3 6. 4-5. 78. 80 
Dunn. William 2 3. 8 I 
Durso. Diane 3 6 

Eaton. Dennis 8. I 5 
Eddington. Natalie 2. 48. 5 2. 5 3. 
63. 79. 83. 97. 98 
Edman. Aaron 2 5. 5 7. 62. I 02. 
I I 5 

Edrington. Katherine 2 1. 22. 77 
Egharevba. Toni 60 
Ellsworth. Brian 17. 18. 20. 22. 
5 8. 6 3. 74-. 82. I 02. I 03 
Elwood. Erin 2 5. 28. 64. 6 5. 74 
75. I I 4 

Embran. Meera 2 5. 28. BO, 3 I . 
66. 89 

ng. David ( 7. 22 
.pete in. Mark 3 I 
zQOcha. Nnenna 3 2. 


ang. Gang 3 6 

arrugia. Brittany 8. I 4. 7 5. 

arshid. Maryarn 2 3. 68. 8 5 
asch. Walter 3 6 
edder. Donald 47. 5 5 
erullo. Brian 3 6. 4-5 
etsch. Kimberly 2 5. 5 6. 5 7. 
>4. 65. 67. I <D2 
ienkeng. Mathilda 36. 4-5. -4-6. 
>3. 82. 83. I I 2 
iltz. Michael 2 5 
inocchio. Jackie 16. I 7. 23. 
JO. 86. 87. 92. 93 
itch. Jennifer 2 5 
tannery. Lisa 9 

ritsch. Jackie 17. I 9. 2 I . 8 I 
ry. Richard 60 

u. Denise 17. I 9. 22. 2 3. 5 6. 
r 4. 96. I O I 

urgiuele. Peter 9. I 5. 97. 
O I . I 02. I 07 


Mealy. Monica 32. 37. 45. 63. 

79. 80. 8 I . 82. 83 

Me ice y. Mark 24. 2 5. 27. 29. 

30. 3 I . 82. 84 

Heller. Jennifer 17. I 8. 2 I . 

22. 23. 92. 93. I O I 
Mershberger. Alexa 9 
Hewlett. Jennifer 22. 2 3. 68. 

Moag. Stephen 48 
Moang. Anh 7. 9. I 07 
Molstein. Jessica 18. 22. 2 3. 

80. 8 I . 93 

Morn. Michelle 6 2. 97 
Horde y. Amy 2 5. 29 
Moutchens. Amy 19. 2 1. 22. 

23. 56. 86. 87. 92. 93 
Mseih. Jannet 2 5. 29. 3 1. 5 3. 
57.82.83. I 02. I 05 

Msu. Wenchi 9 5 
Muang. Melen 74. I OO 
Muber. Jacqueline 3 7. 45 
Muynh. Tuan 9. I 2. 99 
Mwangpo. Tony 3 7. 45 
Myun. Jayson 9 

lannone. Rosa 9. 74 
Iwanczuk. Elizabeth 9 

Kim. Melissa I O. I I. 72. 73. 

98. I O I . I 03. I 07 

Kim. Myoung I 6. I 8 

Kim. Rana I O 

Kim-Walsh. Seferina 62. 90. 

I I 7 
Kinyon. Jason I 8. 2 I . 68. 69. 

I I 5 

Kistner. Garth 38. 45. I I 2 
Klein-Schwartz. Wendy 50. 5 5 
Klemm. Kathleen 38. 45. 77. 

I I I . I I 4 

Kline. Jennifer 76. 7 7 
Kline. Kelly 76. 77 
Kloetzli. Liesel 3 8. 4 5 
Knapp. David 47. 54 
Knapp. Emily 22. 62. 80. 8 I . 93 
Kobin. Allison 6. I O 
Konapelsky. Krista 3 8 
Kondrakhina. Tatiana 3 8. 4 5 
Korde. Prajakta 8. I O 
Kozycki. Jennifer 2 3 
Ku. Paul 38. 45 

Kumarachandran. Ganesh 24. 2 5. 
27. 30. 74. 75. 82. 83. 92 
Kwak. Monica 66. 74 
Kwan. Shiu I O 
Kyeremateng. Kofi I O 

ajec. Maciej 30 

erami-Diznab. Soheila 3 6. 45 

iannandrea. Frank 9 

itelman. Radmila 45. I 12 

lick. Jorie 3 6. 4 5. I I O 

lodt. Adrienne 9. 96. I OO 

los. Nicole 6. 9 

old. Irina 9 

oodhue. Laura 20. 23 

Oyal. Sophia 2 5 

rant. Jennifer 3 1.79 

ray. Kelly 3 7. 80 

reen. Christina 30. 8 1. I 16 

rove. Patrick 2 7. 3 O 

upta. Vandana 3 7 

uy. Candice 3 7. I I I 


I. Thien I 6. 
iddad. Yara 

I 7. 
I 6. 

I 7. 

I 8. 22. 

7. 62. 63. 74. 75. 82. 83. 
• 3. I 02 

ahn. Julie 3 7. I 13 
aines. Stuart 50 
amer. Jonathan 22. I 16 
ammerbacher. Nicole 22 
an. Yoo-Mee 9 
anna. Kelly 9. I 
anna. Sylvia 2 3. 

I. I O I 
assan. Aleena I 


ayashi. Jun 48 

ayes. Margaret 5 9 


I 4 
60. 62. 

8. 22. 68. 

Jay. Michelle 6. 9. I 5. 98. 99 
Joh. Joseph 3 7. 45. 64. 6 5. 
I I 3 

Johnson. Florence 9 
Jones. Louis 19. 2 5. 29. 30. 
56. 57. 64. 65. 75. 78. 79. 
82. 83. I O I 
Jones. Sara 9. I 5 
Joseph. Melanie 9 
Joshi. Ameet 16. I 8. 2 3. 6 3. 
66. 67. 68. 69. 96. I OO 


Kain. Courtney 9 

Kakar. Jack 3 7. I I I 

Kalidindi. Aparna 3 7. 45 

Kamau. Agnes 9 

Kang. MinMee I O 

Kasliwal. Rita 18. 22. 6 3. 80. 

82. 83. I 02 

Kasliwal. Tina 3 I . 32. 38. 45. 

62. 74. 82. 83. I 02 
Kaspa. Boghoko 18. 76. 7 7 
Katcoff. Jason 3 8. I 12. I 13 
Khani. Arash I 8. 69 

Kim. Andrew 17. I 8. 2 I . 23. 

63. 75. 88 

Kim. Cynthia I 7. 2 3. 6 3. I 07 
Kim. Gregory I O. I 1.75.93 
Kim. In 25. 66. 67. 74. 75. 90. 

La. Monghong 3 8. 4 5 
Laflame. Ashley 38. 45. 97 
Lang. Alicia 6. 8. I O. I 5. 96 
Lanio. Elise 3 9. 97. I 08. I 09 
Larrabee. Joni 28. 78. 79 
Larrimore. Jamie 39. I 08 
Laughton. Nicholas I 8. 89 
Layson-Wolf. Cherokee 46. 50. 
53. 62. 63. 64. 77 
Lee. Catherine I O. 72. 7 3 
Lee. Daniel 39. 45 
Lee. Eva 29. 64. 65. 66. 67. 
74. 82 

Lee. Heidi" I I 4 
Lee. James 48 
Lee. John 39. I I I 
Lee. Julia I O. 15. 97 
Lee, Samuel 39. 45. 60. I 09. 
I I 2 

Lee. Shirley 16. 17. 18. 19. 
20. 2 I . 22. 23. 57. 62. 63. 
82. 83. 88 

Leocha. Claire 26. 5 6. 5 7. 62. 
63. 64. 82 
Leung. Julie I 7. 22 
Levis. Benjamin 3 9. I 15 
Li. Meng 26 
Liao. Siyun I O 
Lim. Manpin 94. 95 
Lim. Jeanne 8. 17. I 8. 60. 6 I . 
63. 74. 82. I O I 
Line Njiomuou. Annie I 8. 90 


Livh. Jessie 39. 45. 6 I . 82. 

I 08. I I 7 

Lo. Tze-Yu 16. 18. 22. 63. 
64. 74. 96. I 07 
Lodowcki. Kathorino I O 
Loukac. Nicholas 2 3 
Lovo. Raymond 50. 5 3. 82. 8 3 
Lunsik. Matt I 9. 26. 27. 30. 
8 1. 57. 82. 83 
Luo. Yuan 48 
Luong. Mario I O 
Lutz. Tammy 39. 7 7 
Lyght. Richard 2 1. IOI 
Lysczok. Amanda 6. I O. 99. 



Macharia. David 6. 8. I O. f 2. 
I 5. 58. 75 

Mackoroll. Alexander 48 
M.kIiiI.i. Ki i-.» ina I O 
Magliano. Melody 6 I 
Mahmound. Sali I O 
Mahoney. Janet 74 
Majchrzak. Ryan 3 9 
Majid. Sana 39 
Maldow. Harvey 60 
Malloy. Kevin I 9. 2 I . 22. 2 3. 
5 8. I OO. I I 7 
Malteso. Christopher I O 
Martin. Kelly 16. 18. 23. 62. 
80. 8 I . 86. 8 7. I OO 
Mat how. Justin I O 
Mat hew. Roy 40 
Mathiac. Julie (1.66 
Matthews. Kathy 3. I I. 7 3 
Matthows. Marilyn I OO 
Mbi. Mavis 40. 4 5. 88. 89. 

1 I 4 

McCabo. Ashley 11.11 
McCann. Lindsay I I 
McMonry. Kato 11.81 
McMenry. Meghan I I . 56. 
72. 73 

Mc Kinnoy. Lana I I . 13. 66 
M< Munn. Andrea I I . 66 
Mr Phorson. Lynn 50. 5 3 
Mr Quighan. Brondon 3. I I 
Mohdizadegan. Nikisadat I I . 

Mehta. Shekhar 18. 6 3. 74. 

♦ . IOI 
MoIiik V U'.ichel 11.15 
Momoli. Dominick I 8. 80. 8 I 
Morcurio. Thorn. ». in 
Miccicho. Kr it tin 29 
Mirhaolcon. Andrew 18. 2 1. 

2 3 O 7 
Mir Koi. Sarah 48 
Mirhorki. Robert 5 1.55 
Mitr h«ll, Hyejin 4>0 
Mohan .mod 2 I 
Moiun. Jonnifor B, I I . | 3 

ican I 8. 2 I . 

Morgan. Jill 46. 5 1. 5 2. 5 3. 

60. 83. 90 

Morneau. Kathleen 9. II, 14. 

I 03 

Morse. Jenifer I I 
Mostovoy. Lisa 60 
Moy. Judy I I . I 5. 7 5 
Moy. Meredith I I . 98. I 02. 

I 03. I 07 
Mullins. Daniel 4 7 
Murphy. Sarah 11.12 
Myhren. Julie 28 


Nadar. Jenna I I 

Nagle. Jacon 40. 45. I I 3 

Naito. Julie 3. I t . 73 

Nan. Anjan 48 

Mand. Savan 40. 4 5 

Nathanson. Amy 2 3. 6 3 

Mazari. Areo I I, I 2. 7 3 

Ndukwe. Ndubisi 40 

Neal. Simisola 2 6 

Newell. Rebecca I 2 

Nguyen. Huong I 2 

Nguyen. Julie 6. 7. 8. 12. I 5. 

74. 96 

Nguyen. Thaoly 40 

Ngwa Nforbi. Andre 29. 3 I 

Ngwa Nforbi. Njuibi I 8. 68. 69. 

90. 96 

Nicole. Spiros 40. 4 5 

Noel. Jason 5 I 

Noronha. Angelo 40. 45. 6 f . 

I O I . I 09 
Nsiah-Ababio. Rosevelyn 26. 90 


O'Brien. Kathryn f 2. I 5 
O'Kane. Jessie 32. 4 I . 45. 
82. 83. 84. 112. 113 
O'Neill. Maura 9 5 
Odigie. Richie 29. 90. 9 I 
Oduro. Eric 4 1.45 
Officewala. Jennifer 2 I . 22. 
23. 58. I OO. I I 7 
Ofori. Marie 4 1. 4 5. 6 8 
Oke. Adeola I 9. 7 7 
Oke-Owo. Ayodeji 4 I 
Olszewski. Sarah 26. 6 3. 74. 
75. 82 

Onukwugha. Eberechukwu 4 7 
Onyirioha. Ndidi 3 2. 4 I . 7 7 
Osing. Mary 29 
Owusu. Nathaniel I 2 
Oyewo. Sunday 26 

Pa jak. Quean I 2 
Pak. Grace I 2. 74. 7 5. IOI 
I 05 
Pak. Juliana I 2 

63. 74. 75. 

23. 56. 63. 

Pak. Que I 2 

Palumbo. Frank 47. 5 5 

Pancholi. Megha 24. 26. 30. 3 I 

5 7. 66. 8 1. IOI 

Papadatos. James 3 2. 4 I 

Park. Paul 28 

Park. Sophia 19. 2 3. 

82. I 02. I I 6 

Parker. Ann 19. 22. 

74. 96. I I 7 

Parconc. Kelly I 2 

Parvizian. Pegah I 2 

Passwaters. Ian I 2 

Passwaters. Jesse I 2 

Patel. Archita 12. IOI 

Pate I. Binny 20. I O I 

Patel. Kajal 32. 4 I . 80 

Patel. Kinjal 26. 3 I . 60 

Patel. Prashant 29. 3 1. 5 3. 5 7. 

I 02. I 06 

Patel. Seema 26. 28. 30. 3 I . 
58. 66. 67. 74. 75 
Patel. Qejal 32. 4 I . 80. 82. I I 
Perez. Zhanita 6 1.91 
Perrott. Ryan I 2. 8 I 
Perry. Matthew 6. I 2. 8 I . 97 
Petrie. Gretchen 26 
Philip. Betcy 16. I 9. 22. 6 6. 96, 

I O I . I 07 

Phillips. Joan I 2. 5 8 
Podolskiy. Daniel 19. 5 7. 8 I 
Polli. James 48. 5 3. 7 5 
Polyanskaya. Svetlana 32. 4 1.7' 
Potti. Lakshmi 26. 29. 30. 5 6. 
66. 75. 83. 89 

Powell. Melonie 4 I . 45. 76. 7 7 
Poyneer. liana I 2. I 07 
Pozharskiy. Edvin 48 
Pradel. Francoise 4 7 
Price. Cristofer 7. I 2 
Pulleyn. Megan 7 7. I 14 
Puczkiewicz. Bernadetta I 2. 74' 
Pyon. Sunny 19. I 14 

Ramanadham. Mahesh 26. 27 

30. 3 I 

Ramirez-. Viviana 19. 6 6. 74 

Raska. Andrew 29. 3 I 

Rawala. Sibtain 3 1. IOI 

Reid. Jaime 42 

Remsberg. Thomas 3. II. I 3. 7: 

Reyes. Christian I 3. I 5 

Rezaei. Sherry I 3 

Richardson. Candice 42. 


Rickort. Colleen I 3 

Robin. Sarah 26. 30 

80. 8 1. IOI. I 06 

Robinson. Leah 42. I I 4 

Robust. Lauren 9. I 3 

Rochester. Charmaine 5 1.81 

76. 77. 

3 I . 56. 6 



Rockctad. Molly I 3. 7 3 

Rodriguez da Bittner. Magaly 

46. 5 I 

Roffman. David 5 1. 5 2. 5 3. 54 

Rocen. Gerald 4-8 

Roccmann. Leah 24. 26. 28. 

3 I . 6 7 

2uddie. Erik a 13 

Ruccell. Tiffany 26. 6 5 

2yu. Jae 42. 85. I I O 

Saba. Mojdoh 42. 45 

Samadani. Pamin I 9. 69 

Same. Callie 19. 2 3. 74. 7 5 

iawhney. Qunmeet 28 

ichall. Emily I 3 

Jchoenleben. Matthew/ 42 

ichwarz. Kaitlin I 3. 72 

ienkbeil. Erin 26. 30. 78. BO. 

3 I 

iera. Leah I 9. 2 I . 22. 86. 87 

ihah. Priya I 7 

ihah. Sheel I 7. 2 I . 62. 6 3 

ihannon. Brandon 9. I 3. 6 I . 


lhapiro. Michael 49 

ihapiro. Paul 49 

ihaw. Andrea 6. 13. I 03 

:haw. Janet I 3 

lhaya. Fadia 4 7. 60 

iheth. No ha 5 I 

:hirazj"e. Kumail 26. 5 6. 74. 

i2. 88. 89 
ihukla. Qagar I 3 
'.imoni-Wactila. Linda 4 7 

infuego. Clifford 42. 45. I I 2 

inginkonda. Smita I 9 

iuta. Matthew 3. I 3. 7 3 

mith. Camille I 3 

mith. Qarice 94. 9 5 

mith. Trudy 94 

moot. Thomac I 3 

nyder. Amy 3 2. 42 

nyder. Kyle I 3 

ohn. Kyongcei 60 

olomon. Addi I 3 

on. Tina 8. I 3. 96. I 06 

ong. Caroline 8. I 3 

ong. Qheila 8. 14. I 02. I 05 

tavitckaya. Lidyia 94 

tevenc. Erika 42. 45. I I O 

till. Kimberly 22. 68. 69 

tout. Pandy 7. I O. 14. I 5. 


tuart. Bruce 47 

burpe. Deborah 20. 5 I 

•jmmerc. Kelly 5 I 

-in. Jeanne I 4 

-in. Linda 16. 19. 20. 2 1. 2 2. 
3. 66. 67. 75. I OO 

a/aan. Peter 49 

wanton. Erica 16. 17. 19. 
O. 2 I . 22. 23. 75. 82. 88. 
2. 93 





Tabernero. Qharlyn 18. I 9. 7 7 
Tak. Kay 7. I 4. 74. 7 5. 99 
Tang. Henry 42 
Tang. Xuan 16. I 9. 2 I . 22. 
23. 57. 63. 66. 74. 88 
Taymuree. Michelle 4 3. 4 5. 
I I I 

Teklu. Mecerot 43 
Telegadic. Tanya 43. 45. I I 7 
Tondoh. Theodore-Qcott 44 
Thedford. Qheryl 7. 14. 6 3. 
65. 66. 74. 75. 82. I I 6 
Then. Michelle I 4 
Thomac. Kenneth I 4 
Thomac. Lauren 43. 45. 76. 
7 7. I I I . I I 7 
Tineo. Yndiana 32. 43. 45. 
63. 77. 82. 83. 84 
Tingle. Brian 28. 30 
Tionquiao. Debbie 26 
Tolcon. Antonia 9 5 
Tommacello. Anthony 4 7. 5 5. 
86. 87. 93. I 09 
Tong. Vingkai I 4 
Tong. Yv/ette 6 I 
Toncon. Antonia 94 
Torbert. Elena I 9. 22. 23. 68. 

Tran. Allen 7. 8. 9. I 2. I 4. 28. 
74. 75. I 03 
Tran. Chi 16. I 9. 2 I 
Tran. Deanna 6. 8. I I . I 4. 7 5 
Tran. Lydia I 4. 6 3. 7 5. I 17 
Trinh. Andy I 7. 7 5 
Trovato. Jamec 5 1. 5 3. 66 
Truong. Moai An 82. 83. 88 
Tcai. Yiying 8 5 
Tcige. Meron 2 6 
Tcoukleric. Mona 5 I 
Tu. Xiao I 9. 22. 2 3. 68. 69. 
84. I O I . I 05 
Tunc. Melike 32. 43. 45 


Umali. Karen 43. 45. 74. 82. 
I I O 


Varghece. Abraham 27. 2&. 29 
Varghece. Elina 14. 73 
Velacco. Richard 4 3 
Vinoc. Achloigh I 4 
Vockoboynikov. Pichard I 9. 2 I 
Vu. Amy 64 

Vuong. Thao 2 7. 29. 5 7. 60. 
62. 63. 64. 65. 67. 82. 90 


Wang. Duati 94 

Wang. Mongbing 49 

Wang. Jamec 8. I I . I 4. 7 5. 

96. 99 

Wang. Jia Bei 49 

Wang. Louico 4 3. 74. 82 

Wang. Yi-Jen I 4 

Waccerman. Robert 8 I 

Watcon. Katie 14. I O I 

Watcon. Krictln 5 I 

Watte. John 5 3 

Weinor. Myron 49. 5 5 

Worn. Scott 43 

Wecley. Jacob I 4 

Wilkinc. Jamie 44. 45. 7 7. 

90. I 08 

Wilkc. Angela 49 

Wohl. Lica 24. 2 7. 28. 30. 

56. 62. 74. 75. 82. 83 

Wong. Francoc 27. 29. 30. 

56. 5 7. 59. 74. 89 

Wu. Kimberly I 7. 23. 62. 63. 

93. I 07 

Wu. Min-Li 3 2. 44. 62. 6 3. 

76. 77. 79. 82. 83. I I 3 

Yoboah. Mav/ic 74. 107 
Yirdaw/. Qolomon I 4 
Yoon. Connie 20. 66. 6 7. 74. 
75. 85 

York. Andrew 6. II. 13. 14. 
I 5. 6 I . 63. 82. 97 
Yu. Bruce 49 

Zaideman. Eliana I 4 

Zano. Nicole I 6. 20. 2 3 

Zawitocki. Amio I 6. 20. 2 2. 

23. I I 6 

Zendel. Laura 44. I I O 

Zhu. Xiao 94 

Zile. Jennifer 44. 82 

Zito. Julie 4 7. 8 3 

Zuckerman. Ilene 54 

Zvococz. Nicolo 7 5 

Waldron. Adam I 9. 2 I . 22. BO. 
8 I 

fou didn't get through Pharmacy School alone. 

CVS/pharmacy will stand behind you for the rest 
of your career. 

As a pharmacist at CVS/pharmacy, you will make an extraordinary impact on the community 
you serve. The health of thousands of patients will depend on your personal commitment 
and professional development. And rest assured, your CVS/pharmacy management team wil 
support you every step of the way. 

With over 6,100 locations nationwide, CVS/pharmacy offers generous opportunities to 
practice in a location that best meets your personal and professional requirements. Join 
CVS/pharmacy and we will reward you with extraordinary professional development, 

recognition and compensation that only the nation's largest retail pharmacy can provide. 

Extraordinary people are what we want. 
Extraordinary career is what you'll get 
at CVS/pharmacy. 

Congratulations to all 

the Extraordinary 

2008 Graduates from the 

University of Maryland 
School of Pharmacy 

who will be joining CVS/pharmacy 

as they begin their careers! 

We welcome you and look forward 

to your career development with us! 

Vryr j 


careers. For consideration forward resume to: 
radley-Baker, R.Ph., Ph.D. • 1 1 729 Beltsville Drive • Beltsville, MD 20705 
■ t 18776 • 

I an Oaual ODDOliuiutv ffmrtlnuc 

from the 

Alumni Association 

of the 

University of Maryland School of Pharmacy 


Class of 2008-0 


west alumni! 

14E4LTU SERVICES "EES&4T204 f Pi4ST£/ 

Congratulates the 
School of Pharmacys 
2008 Graduating Class 

Best wishes on behalf of the 

Faculty and Staff of the 

PHSR Department 

University of Maryland 

school of pharmacy 



University of Maryland 


The Department of Pharmacy 

Practice & Science 



Graduating Class of 2008 

Our Newest 
Maryland Brand Pharmacists!! 

Welcome to the Profession! 

Hats off I 



Congratulations to the 
2008 Graduating Class of 
the University of Maryland 
School of Pharmacy. 

MedStar Health is proud to welcome the following 
graduates who will join us as residents: 

Karen Umali, Pharm.D., Georgetown University Hospital 
Laura Vendel, Pharm.D., Washington Hospital Center 
Ashley LaFlame, Pharm.D., Union Memorial Hospital 
Tanya Telegadis, Pharm.D., Union Memorial Hospital 

MedStar Health 

Trusted Leader • Caring for People • Advancing Health 

Franklin Square Hospital Center, Georgetown University Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital, Harbor 
Hospital Montgomery General Hospital National Rehabilitation Hospital Union Memorial Hospital 
Washington Hospital Center, MedStar Family Choice, MedStar Health Visiting Nurse Association, 
MedStar Physician Partners, MedStar Research Institute and our other affiliate members. 

University of Maryland 

school of pharmacy 

The Faculty and Staff from The Department of 

Pharmaceutical Sciences (PSC) take great pleasure 

in congratulating the School of Pharmacy s 2008 

Graduating Class on their Outstanding 


We extend our warm wishes to them in all their 

future endeavors! 

Walgreens supports the 
University of Maryland School of Pharmacy 



We're helping you live your 
dream career. 

It starts out with the idea that helping people would be a great career. Yoi 
to school, study, maybe support a family in between — all in pursuit of the dre 
to help people live healthier lives. 

For over 1 00 years, we've built Walgreens around the same idea that the dr< 
of counseling patients and changing lives becomes reality. As a pharmacy 
healthcare company founded and run by pharmacists, our top priority is at 
improving quality of life through personalized, professional patient care. 

This 'pharmacy-first' philosophy offers tremendous opportunities to work dire 
with your patients and enrich your career. 

To learn more about how Walgreens can help 

grow your career, visit 

or call toll-free 1-866-967-5492. 

As far as you want to go." 

Walgreens Pharmacists-making a difference in the lives of our 
patients for over 100 years. 

Walgreens is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes individuals of diverse talents and backgrounds. 

10 I ML CLASS OF 2008 

Good Samaritan Hospital proudly recognizes the graduating class of the University of Maryland's 
riool of Pharmacy for their outstanding academic achievements. We wish you the best of luck 
may your future be as rewarding as your past. For information on becoming a pharmacist at 
Good Samaritan Hospital, visit us at 

Good Samaritan 


Here., .for Good 
MedStar Health 


to the 2008 Graduates of the 
University of Maryland School of Pharmacy 

Shoppers Pharmacy is proud to support pharmacy programs that are offered at 
colleges and universities throughout the United States. 

Shoppers Pharmacy is dedicated to providing an environment that allows you to 
participate in effective patient care and achieve your professional goals. Your 
vision for the practice of pharmacy will continue to move the profession forward. 

We are looking for pharmacists who can make an 
impact on their patients' lives, practice In an 
innovative pharmacy setting and serve as role 
models for the profession. 

Contact Kelly Smith, Pharmacy Recruiter 

Ph: 301-306-8660 


Or apply online at: 





Equal opportunity employer supporting a 
diverse and drug free work environment. 

Co*s\eurcfc& \o all Z00€> GrackAcflej& 


Your 2007-2000 Ye^rb^W St^rff 

We. vwxaWI liUe. \o HUairk- evervcvie. 
\rtc\- \o life. We. c^?aU) i/tc>T Uave. 

Dr. Alexander Mackerell 

Dr. Cherokee Layson-Wolf 

Dr. Cynthia Boyle 

Dr. Jill Morgan 

Dean Natalie Eddington 

Michele Ewing 

Peggy Funk 

Rebecca Grauel-Jones 

Rebecca Cereul 

Chris Klimas 

Bill McLean 


Diana Chan 

Tze-Yu Lo 

Sameh Barakat 

Linda Sun 

Julie Nguyen 

Viviana Ramirez 

Deanna Tran 
Chai Wang 
Caitlin Corker 
Kaitlin Schwarz 
Mavis Yeboah 
Cindy Kim 
Adrienne Glodt 
Alicia Lang 
Tina Son 
Lydia Tran 
Betcy Philip 
Njuibi Ngwa Nforbi 
Jeanne Lim 
Jannet Hseih 
Fernando Andrickson 
Sejal Patel 
All the Historians!!! 

Y^ur Z007-Z003 Edrfen&-^i-CWief 
4*r\\r\ Parr-ex- aisycA Pen«e Fu